Five years together and there’s not much to show for it, except her promotion at the hospital, which is basically what she cares about most. I try to be very supportive and provide her with a conducive environment for her to be the best she can be in her field; but I do not have to be an in-house patient at the hospital just to spend time with my wife.

We don’t talk much anymore, we don’t spend enough time together, and we hardly even make love anymore. How can I miss my wife so much when she sleeps right next to me every night? It’s always, “Baby, I’m tired…”, “I have to prepare for a seminar tomorrow…” or “I am traveling to Ife with the Chief Medical Director…” it’s always work, work, and work!

About six weeks ago, her car broke down and she called me to come pick her up from work. That was when I first saw Sussy. A fair beauty with a gorgeous body in her uniform that emphasized her near- perfect figure. I was captivated. Sussy helped my wife put her things in the back seat while I stared and let unholy thoughts run through my mind, thoughts that were unlawful for me to carry out. She caught my eyes at some point and smiled as if she knew the content of my mind which was unholy ground at that point in time.

I asked to drop my wife off and pick her up from work the next day, but what I really wanted was to see Sussy again. I could not get myself to stop remembering her exceptionally pretty smile. After two weeks of playing chauffeur for my wife, I made good progress with Sussy, we started meeting at places other than the hospital. She would meet me at a previously agreed venue and we would stay out late, enjoying each other’s company. I told her everything, even the issues with my marriage. She felt sorry for me and began hating my wife for not appreciating me as her husband.

I like Sussy a lot, I like being with her, her company satisfies me in ways which being with my wife hasn’t in recent times. I am happy when I am with Sussy. One day I got carried away and kissed her. She let me kiss her. Her eyes bulged out in amazement at first, then they closed and we kissed. I held her face as we kissed while her arms were wrapped tightly around my neck. She pulled my head down a bit so that our lips could meet and mingle comfortably. As I was sliding my left hand to her chest area I opened my eyes and the first thing I saw was my wedding ring, it shimmered in my eyes and I remembered my wedding day all of a sudden. I pulled away from Sussy immediately and held my face in my palms. I prefer to believe Sussy knew what had happened because she said she was sorry. Silence prevailed the rest of the night as I drove her home before heading to my own apartment where my somewhat estranged wife was waiting for me or not.

When I called Sussy to tell her that we needed to talk about the other night she didn’t reply. She remained silent and said she didn’t think we should see each other anymore, she said that people at the hospital were already gossiping that she was having an affair with me. I giggled, but the silence I got from Sussy told me she was damn serious about this. Then she dropped the bomb shell. A cleaner at the hospital told my wife that I and Sussy had been sleeping together. Shit!
I asked Sussy what she thought I should do, but she hung up the phone. I knew I was in big trouble, my wife, Rukevwe Temabor, did not take lightly any case of unfaithfulness, how do I explain to her that I never actually slept with Sussy?