Sunshine misses you…You take so long when you sojourn far from me…The clouds converge…The rains threaten. Thankfully, the moon smiles at me with its golden edges, reassuring me that you’ll come home again, soon.

I stand in dark hallways daily, the shadows of you and me are fearful. Even in the dark, your eyes call me, to the unwritten stories that we could make together, with all the pauses in-between. The rhythm tends to the unfinished synchronicity of perfection.

Every time I reach out to touch your face cobwebs fill my wet palms. The winds whisk past my face. I smell you, smell your face, your lips…everything. Then my eyes bleed, salty tears drop on my tongue.

I’m sane again. My mind stopped wondering. Impossible is nothing after all. You and Sunshine is eternally impossible. The silly tree of life let the wild wind break our branch away. Now we are in the rain.

My heart curls up every time. At the thoughts of the warmth your face will pour on all my dark places. I think of your long fingers, like starfish, searching out distant lands. Then again, I wake and dawn is upon me.

We take this truth of love for granted, until we find moisture in our lonely tears. Everyone is lonely sometimes. But you can be certain that I know you are amazing. The moon’s shining edge don’t change the fact that Sunshine misses you…