It was 12:30am. Kate was tossing and turning in bed feeling very uncomfortable, with her tummy big and round as if a beach ball was stuffed inside. She was in pain.

“Patrick”, she cried.  “Patrick!” She yelled again even louder.

Amidst tired yawns he responded, “Yes Kate, what’s the problem?” His voice drawling as he stretched and struggled to wake up.

“I think the baby is coming”, she spoke softly now, her voice mixed with discomfort, anxiety and pain.

Shocked and confused, Patrick’s eyes grew wide like a coffee cup. He remained motionless for a few moments, until she screamed again, “Patrick!!!”

That startled him greatly and he shook as if electric sparks had just run through his body. He leapt from the bed and quickly put on a shirt and grabbed his car keys.

The night was cold and Patrick wished he had brought a jacket along. The tension he felt didn’t help matters at all; he shivered almost uncontrollably as he stood and sat intermittently in the lobby while Kate was being attended to. Nurses came out and went into the labour room at intervals. They all walked so fast and ignored his passionate appeal to tell him how his wife was doing. They just breezed past him as if he wasn’t there. He continued waiting, measuring time.

The doctor eventually came out with a big smile on his face. He stretched out his right hand to shake Patrick, “Congratulations Mr. Patrick, you’re wife and baby girl are doing great, do go in to join them, I’ll be back shortly.”

Patrick’s excitement was intense and he shivered as he walked into the room to meet Kate lying weak and tired on the bed, and the baby being attended to by nurses. He smiled at them with tears hanging loosely in the corners of his eyes. Kate looked up at him and said, “See what we made, Patrick, isn’t she beautiful?”

“She is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, Kate.” He placed his hand on her shoulder and bent down to kiss her forehead.

“What do we call her?”

Patrick turned to look at the baby again. “Lilibeth,” he said as a tear dropped from his eye.

“Lilibeth”, Kate echoed.

“Yes, Lilibeth. She is our Little-Bit-of-Heaven.”

“She is indeed.” Kate nodded and smiled as she drifted off to sleep.