Are we shedding off love like dry leaves in harmattan,
till there’s nothing left, and this tree of love is left bare?

Are we shedding off morality from our society,
And adopting new ideologies that don’t sit well with our history and identity?

Are we shedding of hope from our future
By refusing to erect proper structures
And systems for our children,
And our children’s children?

Are we shedding off truth by lying to ourselves that it really doesn’t matter,
That we can shed off love and morality and hope and still survive?

Are we really that naive?

Are we really that so far gone in the wrong direction
that we can’t turn back to make things right?
To water this tree of love till it blossoms again?
To evolve with the times and yet not lose our true essence?
To guarantee a rich future and society for future generations?

Are we really that far gone? Have we really gone that far?

Do you think Nigeria is going to make it through?
To be here for your grandchildren too?

Are we even thinking that far?

Really, Really, Where are we?