Are there really super heroes among us? Have you been saved by a super hero before? Do you often feel like you have super human abilities and you want to help make the world a much safer, better place for all?


If only kelvin had been five minutes late that morning.


Johnny wakes up at 6:30am every week day to prepare for school. At 7:30am every school morning, the school bus arrives at the bus-stop just thirty metres from his door step. He has only an hour to brush his teeth with his favourite ‘Ben 10’ toothbrush, take his bath, put on his uniform and eat breakfast. His mother, Victoria, packs his lunch box while he eats breakfast, and then she walks him to the bus stop. Sometimes she lets Johnny walk to the bus-stop alone while she watches from the kitchen window as she does the dishes.


Kelvin wakes up at 6:45am every week day. He is a senior manager with a big auditing and financial services company. At the company’s last Annual General Meeting, Kelvin was announced the best employee in his department, and he got a promotion and a raise. He is a good guy. He would stop at the traffic light when the red light is on, and would not move until the green light comes on, not a second before.


Johnny is ten years old and he loves the colours orange and gold. He plays football at school with his friends and loves his art teacher very much. She taught him to paint the rainbow, she told him it was a sign that God was watching over us to make sure nothing bad happens to us. Once he made a painting of orange coloured grasses and a golden ocean. Miss Oti, the art teacher, loved it so much she framed it and hung it on the wall in the class.

Johnny asked his teacher how it is that God is able to watch over every single person in the whole world at once. She smiled as she touched his head and said, there are ‘Super-Heroes’ among us. Johnny smiled back and continued his painting.


Kelvin drives thirty minutes to work every day. He leaves at 7:30am so he can get to work by 8am to start off a new day. The firm had just signed on a new account and it was decided that Kelvin be put in charge to lead the team involved. He was excited.

It was a bright Monday morning, blue sky and white clouds above the city of Lagos. Typical day in the city, a saturated atmosphere of energy and hope, all reaching for the Nigerian dream. This morning, Kelvin woke up at 6:50am because his phone’s battery drained out the night before and his alarm didn’t go off as usual. He jumped out of bed and rushed in-and-out of the bathroom, hurrying to leave the house early enough. It was a big day for him and he could not afford to be late.

Driving on the streets of Festac Town where he lived, his mind was focused on getting to the office in Surulere as quickly as possible. As he drove along 1st avenue headed towards the Festac Bridge his phone that was plugged to his car charger rang and he immediately imagined it was his boss calling to ask where he was and why he was not at the office yet. He bent down to look at his ringing phone on the centre console of his car; he didn’t notice little Johnny standing by the road a few metres away from the gate in front of his Close waiting for his school bus. Johnny stood there unaware of Kelvin’s fast approaching vehicle.

“Look out!” Kelvin heard a loud voice scream from nowhere.

He raised his head immediately and Johnny turned and noticed the vehicle for the first time, approaching him very quickly. His young mind was too shocked to move so he stood transfixed to his spot. Kelvin reacted spontaneously by swerving sharply away just as he almost hit Johnny where he stood. The swerve was too sharp and sudden that he lost control and he ran his car into an electric pole on the other side of the road.

The lady whose voice Kelvin heard had seen what was about to happen so she screamed out loud and started running towards the scene. When she got to Kelvin’s car, his airbag had deployed and he laid with the right side of his face on it. It was as though he was staring at Johnny but he was actually knocked out by the impact. She got to him and tapped him gently before picking up her phone and started typing:

 “@Gidi_Traffic ALERT! 9:35am. Accident along 1st Avenue Road headed towards the Festac Bridge. 1 casualty. Medical Emergency Rescue needed URGENTLY!”

She rushed to Johnny who was still standing by the roadside. She knelt down and grabbed him gently by his shoulders, “Are you alright?” She asked. He just stood there blinking his eyes. Victoria had heard the sound of the car against the pole and she looked out the window and saw Johnny with the woman. She rushed out of the house to meet them. With voice shaken and tension all over her, “What happened?” She queried the lady and holding Johnny so close to her.

“I think he’s in mild shock, that car almost hit him where he’s standing.” She said, pointing at Kelvin’s car.
“O my God! Baby are you alright?” She asked Johnny grabbing his cheek and checking him all over for any wound or injuries.

“I’m fine mummy, he didn’t hit me.” Johnny said. Still staring at Kelvin in his car, he asked, “Is he dead?”

“No, but he needs immediate medical attention.” She turned to Johnny’s mother and asked, “Do you have the contact of any hospital around the area?”

“I’m not sure I do, but I can go in and check my hospital card for a number.”

“Alright, let me go back and check if the man is okay while you get the card,” said the lady whose name was Becky.

By now, a few more people had gathered Kelvin’s vehicle still against the pole. She got them to move away from his car so he could get enough air to breathe. As she tried to disperse the people gathering the sound of siren was heard in the distance and everyone turned to the direction of the approaching sound. Several seconds later, an ambulance appeared in sight. Johnny’s mother returned with the card and her phone.

“Is your hospital so close by?” Becky asked Victoria as she approached with Johnny still close to her.

“No, why do you ask.”

“I think they’re here already.”

“Really, but I haven’t even called them yet.”

“O, okay…it’s great all the same; it means he will get to be just fine.”

The ambulance arrived and put Kelvin – who was now conscious but slow – on a stretcher. He was bleeding from a cut on his forehead and he seemed like he couldn’t move his neck. Becky approached the attendant as they were placing him in the back of the ambulance and asked how they got there so fast. “We saw a Tweet on @Gidi_Traffic’s timeline by a certain @BeckyOdegbe about this accident. Our hospital is just close by and we responded to it.”

“O, really, that’s amazing.”

“Yeah, it is.” He said as he shut the door and the ambulance drove away.

Becky looked on at the ambulance till it disappeared in the distance, smiling as she felt good with herself. She has helped save two lives and it was not yet 8:00am in the morning. She didn’t bother that she was running late for work.

The next time in Johnny’s painting class, he painted the face of a lady.

“Very nice painting Johnny, who is she?” His teacher asked.

“A Super-Hero,” he said without looking up.