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Urban Agriculture: Solving World Hunger

The earth is in a bit of a pickle (pun intended). According to the World Bank, we will need to produce 50% more food to feed 9 billion mouths on the planet by 2050. Couple this reality with the bullying blow of climate change on the head of traditional forms of agriculture, and panic has begun to set in faster than you can say “severe acute malnutrition”. But here’s an idea. What if a big problem like world hunger could be resolved, not through the minds and money of the Fortune 500 elite, but through the collective contribution of...

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40 Nigerian Entrepreneurs Start Crowdfunding for Lagos Next Economy

The Next Economy is part of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Local Employment in Africa for Development (L.E.A.D.) programme. The Next Economy is a collaboration between SOS Children’s Villages, 1%Club, Enviu and Afrilabs. Currently operating in 3 sub-saharan countries including Nigeria, The Next Economy empowers African youth to unleash their talents, build their confidence and hone the skills they need for a successful career as an employee or as an entrepreneur. In collaboration with the local partners The Co-Creation Hub, FATE Foundation, Enspire and Nhub, The Next Economy carries out activities like ‘Grow Your Business’ and ‘Make It...

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What does successful digital transformation look like?

Digital transformation is changing the business world. Historically, businesses were “analogue” in that they had a bricks-and-mortar store where customers would interact with real people and things were dealt with on a personal level. In today’s digital world, everything is automated and there is not as much personal interaction. Now, there’s a battle going on between analogue businesses that are trying to establish a digital footprint and all-digital businesses that are trying to set up a bricks and mortar presence. While best practice might be a combination of the two to optimise profitability, at the heart of both of...

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Why Throwing Tech at a Project Doesn’t ‘Future-Proof’ It

The smartphone Tech era allows us to capture every good (and bad) hair day down to the finest detail and the selfie has become as routine as brushing one’s teeth, yet – retro-styled mechanical cameras that go ‘click’ and spit out faded photos are making a gigantic comeback. Fujifilm, makers of the popular Instax camera, sold 5 million of these last year, representing a 30% increase year-on-year. What’s more, this analogue camera is outselling digital devices four times over. Why is this throw-back, analogue technology enjoying such popularity? Is ‘retro’ just a passing flashback ‘fashion’ trend or is there something deeper...

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Why Does the Future Take so Long to Arrive?

In late 1971, a computer engineer named Ray Tomlinson sent the first email message. It was ten letters long (QWERTYUIOP) and he was probably oblivious to the fact that hitting ‘send’ would gain him entry into the history books. Tomlinson’s invention changed the course of communication forever – usurping technology such as the fax. 205 billion emails are sent every day, and this will reach over 246 billion by the end of 2019.   Yet, the email hasn’t yet usurped the ‘paper trail’ and truly paperless systems are few and far between. Paper stubbornly remains a feature of our everyday lives. Decades...

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